Take Two

I started this new blog back at the end of April and here we are at the end of October and I’ve not written a single thing since that first post.  Shocking for me, I know.  I won’t be the first to say it but running TWO blogs is so hard.

My other site (and heavily updated on a regular basis) is A Southern Gypsy – all about vegan and conscious travel.

However, I think I’m ready to give this a go again. I’ve been traveling for the past month or so, work is always crazy and just life, in general, has gotten in the way of making my health a priority. But, I need to make it a priority if I want to keep on living life the way I want to, right?

Blog Post Structure

I know not many people will be reading this in the beginning so I can’t really ask what kind of content you want to see. But, I’m thinking about a few things like this…

  • Weekly ‘What I Ate’ posts
  • Weekly ‘What I Did that Didn’t Involve Sitting on a Couch Watching Netflix’ posts
  • Recipes —maybe?
  • Attempts at Vlogging?
  • Personal Struggles with Fitness and Healthy Eating

If you are magically reading this, what would you most like to see???

On another note, here are my goals to start.  I’m sure over time and as I get into the rhythm and figure out what works best for my body that these will change some and I’ll adjust accordingly.

Eating Goals

  • 60/20/20 Macros (Carbs, Protein, Fats)
  • Whole Foods Plant Based
  • No added oil, sugar or salt

Exercise Goals

  • Yoga 2-3 times per week
  • Boxing/MMA training 5-6 days per week (technique and cardio)
  • Weight Lifting (all over body to start) 3 days a week

Here’s to updating more often and make sure to follow along on Instagram.

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