About Me

Hey There!

My name is Ashley and I’m the founder of The Fit Herbivore.  You may have found me from my other site – A Southern Gypsy – a travel blog focused on outdoors, adventure, veganism and more!  I’ve been blogging over there for almost four years now but I wanted to start focusing on my fitness journey without bombarding my travel followers and that’s how, The Fit Herbivore was born.

Why a Blog?

As I’m sure it is clear by my other site, blogging is a passion of mine.  I love writing and photography and documenting things.  I’ve been playing around with the idea of starting a fitness blog – more for me, to help motivate myself but I’ve put it off for a while because one is enough work.  Then, I considered just blogging on my main site about my fitness journey but I didn’t want to take away from its main focus.  I plan on doing a lot of daily ‘what I ate’ posts here and didn’t want to clog it up over there.

With that being said, I’m a real person.  I’m no fitness expert.  Don’t expect me to look perfect, do things perfectly or eat perfectly all the time.  I plan on being real and honest here.  Meaning you’ll see my natural face, real and unapologetic photos of myself and honesty when it comes to my eating habits.  If I mess up on my diet, I won’t hide it.  

Why Herbivore?

You might be wondering why am I a herbivore (vegan)?  Where do I get my protein?  How do I survive?  Don’t carbs make me fat?

I’ve been vegan for a year now and I did it for ethical reasons first and foremost.  I’ve been what I consider a ‘junk food vegan’ for a majority of that time.  Even eating junk, I lost 20 lbs since becoming vegan just by cutting out animal products.  

I plan on using my fitness journey to showcase why veganism is THE BEST for health, animals and the planet.

Random Facts About Me

  • I’m a perfectionist and a procrastinator.  The worst combination.
  • I can’t stand mustard.  I will vomit, seriously.
  • I’m a documentary sponge.  I want to watch them all.
  • I want to try ALL the vegan food – meaning I’ll never be “perfect” but where’s the fun in that anyway?
  • I prefer working out in the outdoors and nature.  I’ll always prefer hiking over a treadmill.
  • I read A LOT.  


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